Travel to Kerala “God’s Own Country”

Kerala is the most famous state in South India. It is the birthplace of Adi guru Shankaracharya. The name of this state of South India was Travancore before independence.

But after independence, on 1 July 1949, the name of Travancore was changed to Kerala. The natural beauty of Kerala situated on the banks of the Araval Sea is amazing.

Here too, like Assam and Darjeeling, the tea gardens spread far and wide make the mind happy. This state, surrounded by mountains, valleys, beaches, hill stations, and lush green plains, attracts tourists a lot.

Beautiful mountains, dense forests, deep rivers, and rare wildlife make this state a different identity. Kerala is counted among the advanced states of India.

Kerala, situated on the sea coast for the agama water, is famous for the trade of spices since ancient times. This state is counted as the literate state. Kerala is the first state in India to have a literacy rate close to 100%.

Kerala is also blessed with a variety of flora and fauna in nature.

History of Kerala

The history of Kerala is considered to be very old. The old name of Kerala is Ketlaputo or Cheras. This region has also been witness to the upheaval of many empires and rulers.

The Chera kingdom ruling here is called the first kingdom of Kerala. Kerala has been famous for culturing torches in the world since time immemorial.

Due to the high production and export of spices, Kerala attracted traders worldwide to come here.

As a result, the Portuguese first came here in the 15th century for the trade of spices. After that, the British came through the East India Company to trade in Kerala.

The British became the rulers here while doing business with their wisdom. Later, he took control of the whole of India including Kerala. Kerala had two provincial states Travancore and Kochi during the Indian freedom struggle.

Later these two were combined to form a state called Thiru-Kochi. As you know, the pre-independence name of this state of South India was Travancore. But its name was changed to Kerala after independence.

If we look at the cultural history of Kerala, then Muslims and Christian missionaries had a wide impact here. It is said that Muslims came here from Arabia. Christians and Muslims propagated their respective religions a lot.

Even today its impact is clearly visible in the social environment of Kerala. While Kerala is famous for Hindu temples, many famous churches and mosques are also worth visiting.

Kerala God's Own country
Kerala God’s Own country

Information about the backwaters of Kerala

The backwaters of Kerala are the most popular tourist attractions in Kerala. The palm-fringed, serene backwaters were once the state’s business highways. Kerala has more lakes behind it. They have determined its history, shaped the present, and promised a future based on delivering unmatched beauty and unique experiences.

There are inland lakes connected by a network of palm-fringed backwater canals in the state. With 41 west-flowing rivers, the backwaters stretch for about 1,900 km. Backwater routes date back centuries and have long been used for all transportation needs in the specialized trade of coconut, rubber, rice, and spices. Today, these waterways connect remote villages and islands to the mainland and nerve centers of the coastal region.

Back Water Kerala
Back Water Kerala

The most interesting of the backwaters is the Kuttanad region, known as the rice bowl of Kerala. This area is probably the only place in the continent where farms are done below sea level, using a system of dykes and dams.

The largest backwater stretch is the Vembanad Lake, which opens into the sea at the port of Kochi and flows through three districts—Alappuzha, Kottayam, and Kochi. Ashtamudi Lake has eight ‘arms’ which cover a major part of the Kollam district in the south and is the second largest lake in the state. Also VIsit – Best of Kerala Tour

Alappuzha is one of the major centers for backwater boat tours. The complex network of canals throughout the city has earned it the title of “Venice of the East”. Small but long country boats are water taxis. Coir workers offer an interesting sight as they soak coconut fibers in pools, beat them, and wind the strands on long spindles among endless lines of coconut trees.

Culture of Kerala State

Kerala is known for its unique traditions and culture. The culture of Kerala is a mixture of many cultures within itself. Known for its long coastline and spices, Kerala has been important from a commercial point of view since ancient times.

The Portuguese and the British came here after the Muslim size from Arava in Kerala. The arrival of the British had a huge impact on the Christian missionaries here. For this reason, along with Hindus, there are a large number of Muslims and Christians here.

Due to this, the fusion of Indian and Western cultures is easily visible in Kerala. People of Kerala use English a lot along with Malayalam. The influence of western culture can be considered that 100 percent of the people in Kerala are educated.

Culture of Kerala
Culture of Kerala

The culture and tradition of the state of Kerala are clearly visible in the costumes, food, festivals, art and culture, music, and dance of the people here.

language of Kerala

The language of Kerala is Malayalam. The Malayalam language is included in the official languages ​​of India. Apart from this, the English language is also given priority here.

Information about shopping in Kerala

God’s Own Country follows some of the best shopping haunts in India. Shopping in Kerala is also a highlight if you are planning your vacation here. Indigenous handicrafts prove to be major crowd pullers. Backpackers aspire to stack their rucksacks with collector’s goods, which are unique insignia of the backwaters. The fusion of culture, tradition, mythology, and aesthetics has left an indelible mark that characterizes the wonderful handicrafts of the land of the sun and the coconut.

Lovely coconut shell crafts, metal inlaid wooden crafts, coir products, horn engraved products, wood carved products, bamboo sculpture paintings, metal utensils, and Kathakali masks are some of the iconic hand-crafted bells of cash registers. Rings. A visit to their places of production should also be a part of your itinerary. Truly the right representatives of this spirited land, a mind-blowing array of colors, a riot of colors, splendid aesthetics, exquisite decorations, and handicrafts of Kerala truly are. Apart from the sumptuous handicrafts, aromatic spices, and vibrant textiles, there are also things to shop for when you go on vacation to Kerala.

The major festival of Kerala

Onam is the main festival of Kerala. In the joy of harvesting, this festival is celebrated with great pomp all over Kerala. It is said that the people of Kerala are very pious.

Different festivals are celebrated with great enthusiasm in Kerala which is famous all over the world. By the way, when it comes to the festivals of Kerala, Onam is the first to be discussed. But inside it also many famous festivals are celebrated in Kerala. If we will tell you about all of them, then let us know:-

Thrissur Pooram festival

The name Thrissur Pooram festival comes in the most prominent festivals celebrated in Kerala. This festival is celebrated at Vadakku Nathan Temple. Lord Shiva is worshiped in this temple which lasts for 36 hours. For the last 200 years, this festival has been celebrated in the month of April. On this day people wear their local and traditional costumes and burst fireworks. An elephant parade is also organized here in which tourists come from far and wide.

Kerala Boat Festival

The Kerala Boat festival is quite famous. Boat races are organized during this festival, which people come from different places of India to see. Not only in India, but many tourists also come from abroad for the boat festival. This festival is celebrated from July to September. This festival is also known as Nehru Boat Race.

Kodungallur Bharani Festival

This festival is celebrated between March and April, for 3 to 4 days and during these days fairs are organized at different places here. This festival mainly celebrates the victory of Bhadrakali over a demon named Darika in the temples present in Thrissur city of Kerala.

Capital of Kerala

The capital of Kerala is Thiruvananthapuram (old name Trivandrum). The capital of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram is a very unique city from the point of view of natural beauty. The Padmanama temple here is famous all over the world.

Kerala’s dress

Talking about the costumes of Kerala, it is similar to other states of South India. The traditional dress of the state of Kerala is called Mandu.

The women of Kerala wear a sari which is known as Mundam Neriyatham. People of Kerala wear dhoti, in Kerala, it is called Mandu which is worn below the waist.

They keep a sheet like a towel on their shoulders over the body. But today’s youth prefer to wear shirts, pants, and jeans more.

Famous food of Kerala

Talking about the food of Kerala, there is a lot of paddy cultivation here. For this reason, rice is the staple food of the people of Kerala. Fish is also a favorite food in its coastal area.

The name Nadan Kozhi Varuthu also appears in the favorite food here.

Kerala’s lifestyle

The people of Kerala are very kind-hearted people. The living conditions of the people of Kerala are slightly different from other states of India. The people here live in pucca houses. Agriculture is the main source of income for the people.

Here the cultivation of spices, tea, coconut, rubber, and fishing from the sea are the main occupations. Also, a large number of people in this state also work abroad.

Folk dance of Kerala

The traditional dance form of the state of Kerala is Kathakali. The origin of this dance is believed to be from the royal court in ancient times. Apart from this, the people of this state are also considered rich in songs and music.

Kerala has always been providing quality films in the field of cinema as well. Kathakali is a stylized classical Indian dance form of Kerala. which has an identity of its own.

Famous temples of Kerala

The state of Kerala, situated on the sea shore in the southernmost part of India, is very small in area but occupies a very large place in the field of cultural heritage. Examples of religious harmony are seen here. Apart from Hinduism, people of other religions also live here in abundance, but today we are going to tell you about some great and very holy temples located in the state of Kerala in this episode.

Sabarimala Temple

Sabarimala Temple occupies a very prominent place among all the temples of Kerala. This temple is dedicated to Lord Ayyappa who is also known as ‘Dharma Shasta’. According to ancient legends, Lord Ayyappa is the son of Lord Shiva and Mohini, a female avatar of Lord Vishnu. Lord Ayyappa lived the life of a celibate.

The temple is located on the Sabarimala hills inside the Periyar Tiger Reserve in the Pathanamthitta forests of the state of Kerala. According to an estimate, at least 4 to 5 crore devotees visit this temple every year. This temple is not open for the devotees throughout the year, but only on select days like the first 5 days of every Malayali month, Makarsankranti, Makaravilaku festival, etc. Devotees can visit here.

Women in the age group of 10-50 years are prohibited from entering this temple. Although there was a lot of controversy on this issue and some organizations working for women’s rights had challenged it even in the Supreme Court but no exact solution could be found.

Padmanabhaswamy Temple

Padmanabhaswamy temple is also one of the most prominent temples in the state of Kerala. This temple is located in Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of the state of Kerala. This temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. In this temple, the posture of infinite sleeping is depicted on the Sheshnag of Lord Vishnu.

It is believed that this temple protects the royal family of Travancore. The chief trustee of this temple is Maharaja Moolam Tirunal Rama Varma of Travancore.

Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple
Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple

Attukal Bhagavathy Temple

Attukal Bhagavathy Temple is one of the most famous temples in Kerala. This temple is very popular among the residents of Kerala. This temple dedicated to Mata Bhadrakali is located in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. This temple is also known as Sabarimala of women. This temple is very famous all over the world including in Kerala for its special festival Attukal Pongal.

Lakhs of women from all over the state of Kerala reach here on this Attukal Pongal day. Women prepare prasad in the premises of this temple and dedicate it to the goddess in the temple. On the day of the Attukkal Pongal festival, the number of women who assemble for worship in this temple ranges from 15 to 25 lakhs.

Ambalapuja Sri Krishna Swamy Temple

Ambalapuja Sri Krishna Swamy Temple located in the Alappuzha district of Kerala state is dedicated to Lord Sri Krishna. This temple was built by a ruler here about 500 years ago. In this temple, offerings called Payasam, which is made of rice and milk, are offered daily as a bhog to the Lord. There is a very interesting story behind this offering to the Lord.

According to this mythological story, once a monk arrived in the court of the king who ruled in this region. The monk placed a condition to play chess with the king. Raj himself was also very fond of chess. So he agreed and said in great confidence that if the sadhus win in this game, he will give them the rewards they want.

The monk said I do not want much in the award, just you will give me some grains of rice, that is enough for me. The king agreed, but the monk said that I want the rice as per my instructions. The monk said that the rice should be according to the chessboard, that is, you will keep one rice in the first meal, two rice in the second, four rice in the third, similarly keep twice as much rice in each meal as your previous meal.

The king accepted this condition of the monk. The game of chess started and in the end, the king was defeated. According to the condition, now the king had to give rice. When the king started giving rice according to the condition of the monk, then all the rice in his royal palace was exhausted. In the end, the monk said you do not give me rice now, but keep paying me little by little every day in the form of payasam prasad. That sage was none other than Lord Krishna himself.

Therefore, every day in this temple, offerings called Payasam is offered to the Lord.

Chottanikkara Temple

Chottanikkara Temple is located in the area called Chottanikkara under the Cochin district of Kerala state. This temple is dedicated to Mother Bhagwati. Maa Mahalakshmi resides with Lord Vishnu in this temple. In this temple, Goddess Saraswati is worshiped in the morning, Goddess Lakshmi is worshiped in the afternoon and Goddess Kali is worshiped in the evening.

According to the popular story about the history of this temple, once a devotee of Maa Kali lived in a forest located here. He used to sacrifice a buffalo every Friday in the name of the mother. Once he caught a buffalo calf and started going to sacrifice it when his daughter started refusing him to do so. Since he loved his daughter very much, he did not sacrifice the calf but adopted it.

But one day suddenly that person’s daughter disappeared. He searched for his daughter from place to place but could not find her. Then he was told by a priest that he had taken away his calf from a mother to sacrifice, so his daughter has also gone away from him. The man realized his mistake. When the person went back home and saw that calf, he was shocked that supernatural light was coming from the place of the calf. Then the priest told him that the calf was none other than Lord Vishnu himself and his wife Mata Lakshmi who had come to make him realize his mistake.

Over the next few years, gradually this temple was built at this place, which is today known as Chottanikkara Temple.

Guruvayur Temple

Guruvayur Temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. This temple is located in the Thrissur district of Kerala state. This temple is a great center of faith for the residents of the state of Kerala as well as the state of Tamil Nadu. The four-armed form of Lord Vishnu is seen in this temple. Lord Vishnu holds a sacred conch shell in one hand, Sudarshan Chakra in the other, a necklace around his neck and he himself is seated on a lotus flower.

A dress code has been made for the devotees visiting this temple and everyone is allowed to enter the temple according to the same dress code. Men have to wear a garment called mundu below the waist, which is very similar to a dhoti, and men should not have any clothes on their chest. If you want, you can put a small cloth on your shoulder.

Girls are not allowed to wear western clothes. Girls are allowed to wear skirts with blouses and women are allowed to wear saris. Little boys can go with shorts on the bottom and no shirt on top.

Ettumanoor Mahadevar Temple

Ettumanoor Mahadevar Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is an ancient temple located in the Kottayam district of Kerala state. This temple is one of the most famous temples in Kerala state. It is such a belief about this temple that Maharishi Vyas and the five Pandavas also worshiped Lord Shiva here. Devotees keep coming here every year, but during the Thiruvathira festival, a fair of devotees is held here.

Once, seven and a half elephants (seven large and one small elephant) were donated to this temple by the king of Travancore. These elephants are known as Ijaraponanna in the Malayali language. Every year these elephants are taken out for public viewing. Devotees take a holy dip in the Meenachil river, which is known as Aaraatu in the Malayali language, at Perur, a village near the temple.

Facts about Kerala

Kerala is one of the most ancient and historical sites in India, situated between the Arabian Sea and the Sahyadri mountain ranges on the south-western border of India. Its capital is Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum). The language here is Malayalam. Puducherry (Pondicherry) and Lakshadweep have an inseparable relationship with Kerala. 10 special things about Kerala which is very important from the point of view of tourism.

  1. According to mythology, Parashuramji had donated the earth by winning it from the Haiyavanshi Kshatriyas. When he had no place to live, he sat in the cave of Sahyadri mountain and started doing penance for Varundev. Varun Devta appeared to Parashuramji and said that you should throw your ax in the sea. As far as your ax falls into the sea, the water of the sea will dry up and become the earth. All that earth will be yours. When Parashuramji did this, the water of the sea dried up and the land which he got in the sea, is presently called Kerala. Parashurama built a temple of Lord Vishnu on this land all-knowingly. It is said that the same time is still famous as ‘Tirukkar Appian. On the day on which Parashuramji installed the idol in the temple, the festival of ‘Onam’ is celebrated.
  2. This area is the territory of the great king of India, Mahabali, who is still alive and every year he comes on the day of Onam to see his kingdom and his people. Although Onam is an important festival of Kerala, it is celebrated all over South India. This festival is not celebrated in the honor of any deity but in the honor of a demonic demon who donated three steps of land to Lord Vaman, an incarnation of Vishnu, and then Shri Vamana gave him the boon of immortality and became the king of Hades. Had given. It is believed that the immortal king Bali comes to see his subjects on the day of Onam. The capital of King Bali was Mahabalipuram. People also celebrate this festival for the harvest and produce.
  3. Kerala is called ‘God’s Own Country, due to many reasons. Due to this, Kerala has become a major center of tourism around the world.
  4. The great saint Adi Shankaracharya was born to a Namboodiri Brahmin at a place called Kaladi in the Malabar region of Kerala. At the age of 32, he attained Nirvana and went to Brahmaloka.
  5. Near Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala is the world-famous Sabarimala temple where Lord Ayyappa is located. Being born from Shiva and Vishnu, he is called ‘Hariharaputra’. Lord Ayyappa’s father is Shiva and his mother is Mohini. Every day lakhs of people come here to have darshan. Near this temple, on the night of Makar Sankranti, a light is seen here living in the thick darkness. Millions of devotees from all over the world come every year to see this light. Sabarimala is named after Shabri. The same Shabari who fed Lord Rama with fruit and Ram had given him the teachings of Navadha-Bhakti. This temple is situated in the middle of the Sahyadri range of hills in the western valley. Surrounded by hills on all sides, this temple is situated on the hills 175 km away from Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of Kerala. To reach this temple, one has to cross 18 sacred steps, which are also given different meanings. The first five steps are linked to the five senses of man. The subsequent 8 stairs are associated with human emotions. The next three steps are considered to be human qualities and the last two steps are considered symbols of knowledge and ignorance.
  6. Who does not know the historic Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala? In 2011, an estimated treasury of 5,00,000 crores was released from here. This treasure belonged to the Maharaja of Travancore. Padmanabhaswamy Temple is a famous temple of Lord Vishnu present in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, but ‘Lakshmi’ was obtained in immense quantity from here. This historical temple is included in the major Vaishnava temples of India and is one of the tourist places in Thiruvananthapuram. There is a huge idol of Lord Vishnu in the sanctum sanctorum of this temple, see which thousands of devotees come here from far and wide every day. In this idol, Lord Vishnu is seated in a sleeping posture on Sheshnag. The idol of Lakshmiji is also seated here. There is also a golden pillar in the temple, which adds to the beauty of the temple. Several pillars have been built in the corridor of the temple, which has been beautifully carved, which adds to its grandeur. It is mandatory for men to wear dhoti and women to wear a sari to enter the temple.
  7. According to the belief of Kerala, Jews entered the Malabar Coast of Kerala in 973 BC. Moses was the prophet of the Jews, but their chief king at that time was Solomon. King Solomon’s merchant fleet came for spices and famous treasures. Hospitality Dear Hindu King conferred titles and jagirs to the Jewish leader Joseph Rabban.
  1. Christianity In India, Christianity is believed to have originated in the coastal town of Kranganore in Kerala where, according to legends, St. Thomas, one of the twelve chief disciples of Christ, arrived in AD 52. Although there is a dispute about whether he came to India or not? Nevertheless, it is said that he first taught Christianity to some Namboodiri Brahmins who were doing tarpan on the banks of a river during that period and converted them to Christianity. However, there is controversy as to whether he did so or not. It is also said that he had Christianized the tribals, due to which there was a lot of anger among the tribals. Due to this fury, in 72 AD, on a mount in Chennai city, Saint Thomas was killed by the spear of a tribal Bhil. That mountain is now called St. Thomas Mount. It is said that some Christian refugees led by a priest named Thomas came to India in 345 AD and settled around Thiruvanchikulam. At that time there was the dominance of the Naiyar caste of Hindus. Gradually through Christian propaganda there he strengthened his position like that of the same caste. The oldest churches of India exist in Kerala.
  2. India’s first mosque was built in the Thrissur district of Kerala in 629 AD. The name of this mosque is ‘Cheraman Perumal Juma Masjid’. It is also said that this was the first mosque in the world to be built outside Arabia. According to local traditions, the king there had converted to Islam and this mosque was built on his orders. It is said that earlier this place used to be the place of worship of Buddhism. Arab traders first reached Malabar by sea, which was the main center of the spice trade for thousands of years.
  3. Kerala has been beautifully decorated by nature, so Kerala is the most suitable place for a honeymoon. High mountains, splendid sea shore, boat ride through the clumps of coconut and palm trees, greenery around, and very beautiful views, all these are the real hallmarks of the beauty of Kerala. It is natural for loving hearts to increase in these romantic scenes.

If you have a special affinity for sea shores, then Chuara Beach, Kovalam Beach, Marudeshwar Beach, Bekal Beach, Varkala Beach, and Shanghmugham Beach present here will be right for you. If you want to enjoy a hill station, then you can choose any of the beautiful hilly areas in Kerala like Munnar, Perimed, Idukki, Lakkady, and Devikulam. Especially Munnar is very famous not only in the country but also among foreign tourists.

Kerala beachfront

  1. Kovalam Beach is 16 km away from Thiruvananthapuram City.
  1. Varkala Beach is 41 km away from Thiruvananthapuram.
  2. Thangassery Beach is 5 km from Kollam.
  3. Cheria Beach is 45 km away from the sea shore Ernakulam.
  4. Tanur Beach is a beach in the Malappuram district.
  5. Padinharekara Beach The beach is close to Kozhikode railway station in the Malappuram district.
  6. Beypore Beach Beach is 10 km away from Kozhikode City.
  7. Kappad Beach is 16 km away from Kozhikode City.

Major tourist places in Kerala

Kerala is a beautiful state situated on the coast. Because of this, it is also one of the major tourist destinations in India. Millions of tourists come to visit here throughout the year. If you are also planning to visit Kerala, then we will tell you about some of the major tourist places in Kerala where you can enjoy their beautiful views.

If you want to start this journey with pleasure, then let’s gather attention on the list of places to visit in Kerala:

  1. Alleppey – Venice of the East

It is one of the top tourist places in Kerala. Called the Venice of the East, this place is one of the most attractive places in Kerala. With its boundless beauty, backwater travel attracts a huge amount of travelers every year. Boats passing through the coconut trees will give you pleasure. The simple life here will try to make you his own. Staying on a houseboat will give you a whole new experience. You can also taste the traditional food of Kerala by coming here. The boat race here is also very popular among travelers.

  1. Munnar – Honeymoon Destination

You must visit this Kerala tourist place. Munnar scenic spot is a hilly area of ​​Kerala. High mountains touching the clouds will make you feel like you will be holding the clouds in your fist as soon as you raise your hands. It is considered a very beautiful destination for married couples. The comfortable and alluring resorts will make your trip extremely smooth. This mountain is mainly designed for the production of tea. You will get absorbed in the sweet fragrance of tea.

  1. Wayanad – Simple Life and Culture

If you love trekking and camping, Wayanad is one such serene place that you would love to spend your holidays in. Whether it is to climb the high hills or visit the winding valleys or see the caves and waterfalls amidst the natural scenery, then Wayanad is the place where you can complete all these activities with great pleasure. Hill stations of Wayanad There are such best resorts in India where you will find yourself in the lap of nature. Well-equipped with all the facilities, this luxury resort will prove to be the best for you. Wayanad is famous for the cultivation of spices and wildlife sanctuary in Kerala, so if you come to Kerala, do not forget to visit Wayanad.

Wayanad Planting of Tea Bushes
Wayanad Planting of Tea Bushes
  1. Thekkady – Wildlife Place

This hill station is located in the Idukki district. This place is more popular among people for Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. It is the habitat of many extinct animals and more than 200 birds. Mainly it is the site of elephants but you will also find other creatures like tiger, wild cat, sambar, Nilgiri langur, gaur, etc. If you want to pass through the river passing through the dense forest, then you can fulfill your wish as there is also a system of boats. It is one of the most famous places to visit in Kerala.

5. Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple – Echoes of Righteousness

This temple is holding its own in the religious place of Kerala. This temple of Lord Vishnu has been made with great art. Vibrant sculptures and exquisite architecture awaken every corner of the temple. This is the oldest Vishnu temple in the country. Most of the devotees come here on some special festivals in November, December, March, and April. You can come to this alluring place only on the pretext of being religious. It is one of the most famous places to visit in Kerala.

  1. Kochi – Queen of the Arabian Sea

Kochi’s scenic spot is also called the “Queen of Arabian Sea”. It is the financial, commercial, and industrial center of Kerala. There are some art galleries in this city which will encourage you towards art. You will easily find here shopping for pubs and free shopping for late-night enjoyment. Your journey will turn out to be very colorful. You can also head to the beach for beautiful natural views. You can also take refuge in temples for your peace of mind.

  1. Kovalam – The Confluence of Rural Life and the Beach

Situated on the shores of the Arabian Sea, this village is famous for the existing three beaches near it. These three beaches are Lighthouse Beach, Samudra Beach, and Hawa Beach which quadruple their beauty. This whole area is surrounded by tall coconut trees, so you will get to taste fresh coconut here. Yoga and meditation make the atmosphere here more peaceful. It is also a shopping destination for a variety of items such as traditional spices, wooden sculptures, and handicrafts.

Kovalam Kerala
  1. Poovar – Beautiful Island

It is a beautiful island situated at a distance of 27 km from Thiruvananthapuram. The confluence of the sand, the blissful atmosphere, and the blowing wind, spread far and wide, is mesmerizing. Poovar is a small island town situated between the Arabian Sea and the Nayyar River in Kerala, which is very famous among tourists due to its serene environment and natural beauty.

You will get lost. Poovar is famous for fishing hence it is also known as Fishing Village. The classy resort here near the confluence of Poovar Beach and Nayyar River is a special attraction among tourists. You can enjoy the Sunset view to the fullest on Poovar Beach.

Poovar city is at a distance of 36 kms from Thiruvananthapuram. You can enjoy the beautiful view of the swamp forest by boat riding on the Nayyar River. In the spring, during the boating, the beautiful views of beautiful flowers in these forests make you feel like you are in a different world. Elephant rock is quite famous in Poovar which is situated in the middle of Nayyar river.

You can also enjoy horse riding and camel riding in the Golden Sand Beach of Poovar, so do not forget to visit this place whenever you come to Kerala.

  1. Thrissur – Center of Classical Art and Culture

If you come to visit the sights of Kerala and do not visit Thrissur, then your journey will be considered incomplete. If you want to bring the classical art and culture of Kerala to your mind, then this place is waiting for you. The chanting of mantras in the local language will connect you with the culture of Kerala. Some other places that you can visit here are Vadakkumnanthan Kshetram Temple, Shakthan Thampuram’s Tomb, Athirapally Falls etc.

10. Nelliampathy – Natural Environment

Situated on the border of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, this place will feel like a dream to you. The sweet fragrance that pierces the air, which will enter your mind through your nose, is the fragrance of coffee. The surrounding area is full of greenery where tea, coffee, and cardamom are cultivated. One can come here to spend a wonderful holiday where you will be able to witness the mesmerizing atmosphere in the high mountains.

Nelliampathy – Natural Environment
Nelliampathy – Natural Environment
  1. Varkala
    Varkala is one of the best beaches in Kerala. It is situated at a distance of 51 miles from Thiruvananthapuram. Varkala with its natural charm and high cliffs holds appeal and potential to entice tourists from all over the world. The beach here is famous among the people of other countries. Here you can do many things like sunbath, boat rides, surfing, and Ayurvedic massage.
  2. Munnar- Munnar is one of the best tourist places in Kerala, which is famous for its beautiful western valleys and hill stations. Munnar is known for being the best honeymoon destination and most romantic places for newly married couples. Here you will get to see huge tea plantations and lush green forests where you will be able to enjoy photography amidst the natural scenery. Here you can do activities like trekking, camping etc. Apart from this, Eravikulam National Park is famous here which you can tour.
  3. Devikulam Devikulam – Situated at an altitude of about 1800 meters above sea level, Devikulam is the most beautiful hill station to visit in Kerala, which is 8 km from Munnar. The lush green valleys of Devikulam will make you go crazy. The lush green plantations of tea and spices add to the views of the valleys of Devikulam. Riding a bike in the valleys of Devikulam has its own fun. Devikulam also has many beautiful lakes and waterfalls, where walking will prove to be better for you. Sita Devi Lake is very popular among the lakes of Devikulam. The local residents there believe that Sita Devi had bathed in this lake. Apart from this, there are many great resorts and hotels available to stay in Devikulam, so if you come to Kerala then do not forget to visit Devikulam Hill Station.
  4. Kumarakom
    Kumarakom – India’s second largest lake Vembanad Lake, near which the village Kumarakom is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Kerala. Kumarakom is located just 13 km away from Kottayam. Seeing the beauty of this village, your heart will jump with joy. You will be able to enjoy your vacation well by coming to this quiet place. Here Bahrain is well known for its backwater resorts. Kumarakom is very famous for the bird sanctuary spread over just 14 acres in Kerala, where you will find species of migratory and local birds. In which groups of birds like herons, water birds, cuckoos, wild ducks, Siberian cranes, etc. are included. You can see the panoramic views of the entire lake while boat riding in Vembanad lake here.
  1. Periyar National Park

Periyar National Park is one of the largest Tiger reserves of India as well as being the major tourist destination of Kerala, which is located in Thekkady, 100 years old man-made Periyar lake is located in this National Park which enhances the beauty of this park.

You can enjoy Boat Riding. If you talk about this national park, then you will get to see many species of wildlife, including wild boar, elephant herd, wild dog, species of langur, sambar, deer, tiger, various types of birds, etc.

There are Jeep Safari and Boat Cruise available here which will give you a better experience of this National Park. If you have a binocular lens then do not forget to take it with you, then Periyar National Park will prove to be a good option for you to visit Kerala.

Periyar National Park1
Periyar National Park

Ayurvedic treatment in Kerala

There are many Ayurveda resorts and spas in Kerala where you can experience Ayurveda treatment. Here natural herbs are used and a spa is given. Insomnia, nervous disorders, or any physical problems can be easily treated with Ayurveda treatment.

Best time to visit Kerala

If we talk about the best time to visit Kerala, then September to March would be the best time for you after the rainy season. At this time the temperature of the atmosphere of Kerala is favorable for roaming

Five famous festivals of Kerala

Located in the middle of the Arabian Sea and the Sahyadri mountain ranges on the southwestern border of India, Kerala is known to the world for its festival colors. Kerala is called God’s own home because of the beautiful artifacts, festivals, and beautiful places, a large number of places are found here. Kerala, known as the political laboratory of India, is popular all over the world due to its beautiful festivals. Tourists throng to enjoy the festivals of Kerala. Let us tell you some important beautiful festivals of Kerala which can be easily enjoyed by visiting Kerala.

Onam Festival in Kerala

Onam is the oldest festival in Kerala. Onam is a symbol of unity and brotherhood. During this festival, the whole of Kerala is decorated with flowers. Onam is celebrated by all the citizens of Kerala. Onam is usually a once-a-year festival associated with the harvest. It is celebrated in the Malayalam month of Chingom. The awesomeness of this festival is enhanced by the games organized here. Onam is also known as Thiruonam. This creation of Pulkam is celebrated in temples, houses, and pandals. Famous sports like boat races are organized on this day, which attracts tourists from all over the world.

Boat festival in Kerala

The boat festival is one of the ancient festivals of Kerala. The people of Kerala have an unparalleled love of boats, which is why such festivals are regularly organized in Kerala. This boat festival is popularly known as Boat Festival. On the day of the boat festival, a series of boat races are organized in large numbers, and the winners are awarded prizes, the popular sports boat festival of Kerala attracts not only the country but the whole world with its special showable magnetic force. . A beautiful and wonderful sight of a boat decorated with a garland of flowers looks like a bride. Some of the popular trophies here are Nehru Trophy Boat Race, Champakulam Mool Boat Race, etc. Also, some of the big water festivals include Palpadad, Poonamada Lake, and Pilapada Water Festival.

Vishnu Festival in Kerala

One of the ancient festivals of Kerala, Vishnu Mahotsav, is famous for fireworks and colorful exhibitions. Also known as the Vishnu festival, the Vishnu festival is celebrated as a New Year’s festival for the Malayalee population of the state. It is celebrated in the month of April. It is the biggest festival of the year, and on this day the practice of Kanya Kanal is famous all over Kerala, In this practice, it is believed that the fate of the coming year depends on what is seen in the morning on this day. It is celebrated with great pomp in Kerala, and the enthusiasm of the people is to be seen, as well as the fact that money is distributed to the young members on the day of this festival, which is seen in many different aspects, of this festival. The most beautiful scene is considered to be at night, when fireworks are fired.

Attukal Pongal Festival in Kerala

Pongal Festival is one of the famous festivals of Kerala, This ten-day festival is mainly performed by women. All types of castes come together and enjoy this festival without any discrimination. It is also given as an example of unity, this festival is celebrated on the day of Bharani Day in the Malayalam month of Makaram Kumbham, i.e. at the end of February according to the English calendar. This festival is usually celebrated by women in honor of the temple of Goddess Parvati in Thiruvananthapuram city. Various dishes are prepared as prasad on this day and they are offered to Goddess Parvati, in which many items made of rice and bananas are world famous.

Thrissurpuram Festival in Kerala

Thrissurpuram Festival is a 200-year-old festival in Kerala. This festival is a symbol of unity and brotherhood. This festival is gaining fame day by day in which the honor of Lord Shiva is celebrated in the famous temple Vadkuknath in the month of April. The longest puja in the whole of Kerala is performed on this festival day, which is a full thirty-six hours long puja. Along with this, the whole of Kerala keeps on smelling the fragrance of fireworks and flowers. On this day in Kerala, the whole of Kerala is immersed in the confluence of colors, music, and devotion. The most beautiful sight is seen when elephants walk out on the road, trembling to the sound of drums.

Thrissurpuram Festival
Thrissurpuram Festival

How to reach Kerala

A modern and progressive state with a cosmopolitan scene, is quite easily accessible. Well connected to all major systems of transport, this place is now one of the most sought-after travel destinations in the world. It is the main seaport opening Cochin to the Arabian Sea. A trip to Kerala is a healthy, educational, enriching, rejuvenating, and fulfilling experience.

An important tourist destination among Indians and foreigners, Kerala is very well connected with:

  • BY AIR

The state has three airports, located at Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi, and Kozhikode, two of which are international airports. Kharagpur Airport, Kozhikode hosts domestic airlines, while Thiruvananthapuram International Airport and Cochin Airport, Nedumbasree handle domestic and international flights.


A very strong conversion network makes it easily accessible from all parts of the country. Kerala is directly connected by road to both Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. National Highways 47, 17, and 49, and an extensive system of metal roads connect Kerala to the rest of the country. Buses, tourist taxis, and autos are the main modes of road transport.


There are 200 railway stations in Kerala, one can use super fast and express trains to reach one’s chosen destination connecting places inside and outside Kerala. Rail services connect the state to all the important cities of India including the four metropolitan cities, New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Chennai.

FAQs About Kerala Trip

  1. What is the best time to visit Kerala?

    Kerala is best visited between September and March because of the pleasant weather and abundance of festivals and events during this period. The monsoon season, which lasts from June to August, can, however, be a distinct experience if you're interested in seeing it.

  2. What are the must-visit places in Kerala?

    Kerala has a number of must-see locations, including Munnar, Alleppey, Kochi, Thekkady, and Kovalam. These locations provide breathtaking scenery, authentic cultural encounters, and regional food that are exclusive to Kerala.

  3. What are the best ways to travel around Kerala?

    Using a private car, public transportation, or local taxis or auto-rickshaws are the best methods to get around Kerala. Renting a cycle or scooter is another well-liked method of discovering the state.

  4. What are some unique experiences to have in Kerala?

    Kerala offers a variety of unusual experiences, such as houseboat rides through the backwaters, traditional Kathakali dance performances, trips to spice plantations, and Ayurvedic wellness treatments.

  5. What should I pack for a trip to Kerala?

    Because it may be warm and humid, bring only the simplest, most comfortable apparel. A raincoat or umbrella should be packed in case of weather. Don't neglect to bring sunscreen, bug repellent, and a hat for sun protection.

  6. Is it safe to travel to Kerala?

    Yes, Kerala is typically a secure place to visit. However, it's always important to practice good judgment security measures, such as avoiding nighttime travel alone, protecting your valuables, and paying attention to your surroundings.


In conclusion, visiting Kerala is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Kerala provides something for everyone with its verdant green landscapes, tranquil backwaters, immaculate beaches, and rich cultural heritage. There are a variety of methods to experience the state’s distinctive charm, from touring the spice plantations to indulging in traditional Kerala cuisine.

The warm and friendly people of Kerala are a real reflection of the state’s diversity in their customs and traditions. Kerala has something to offer, whether you’re looking to unwind and rejuvenate or wanting adventure and excitement.

In general, a vacation to Kerala is an exploration where you can fully immerse yourself in the stunning natural beauty and diverse cultural heritage of this amazing location. Kerala is undoubtedly a place that will give you memories to treasure for a lifetime due to its relaxed ambiance and hospitable locals.

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