Places to visit in Leh Ladakh

Leh Ladakh is the most beautiful union territory of India. One of India’s most beautiful tourist destinations, Ladakh now covers the region from the Siachen Glacier in the Karakoram range to the main Great Himalayas in the south.

Most people think of Leh and Ladakh as one place, but let us tell you that the state of Jammu and Kashmir is now divided into three parts in which Jammu, Kashmir, and Ladakh region. Ladakh Region is now known as Ladakh union territory. Ladakh is divided into two parts which include the Leh district and the Kargil district.

The city of Leh is a favorite destination for tourists due to its attractive monasteries, beautiful tourist places, and splendid markets located here. Leh Ladakh is one of the best places to visit in India due to its rough terrain, beautiful snowfall, and many adventure activities.

The hills, deep blue lakes, and beautiful roads of Leh Ladakh attract travelers. Due to its difficult roads, beautiful monasteries, and snowfall, this place is considered the best place to visit.

Leh-Ladakh is situated at an altitude of 11,000 feet above sea level, which is called the coldest desert in the world. Due to being close to Pakistan, Afghanistan, and China border, this state is important from tourism as well as an internal point of view. Tourists come here in the month of August-September and go river rafting in the beautiful rivers, trekking on the rough mountains.

places to explore in leh ladakh
places to explore in leh ladakh

Must visit places in Leh Ladakh

Shankar Gompa or Shankar Math Shankar Monastery

Shankar Math is located in Leh in the state of Ladakh. This monastery belongs to the people of the Yellow community. In there is a main Chintan Bhavan, to reach which travelers have to cross many stairs. Shankar Gompa has many small images made of gold.

In Shankar Math, Lord Buddha has 11 heads and 1000 feet. There is a beautiful picture, it is said that this monastery was dedicated by the Lamas of the Gelukampa dynasty to their presiding deity Avalokeshwar Padmahara.

Ladakh Prayer Wheel

One of the most unique things about Buddhist monasteries is the presence of prayer wheels everywhere. Often they are small and built in the form of a wall.

It is a symbol of the faith of the Ladakhi people, who live a cheerful life in spite of its harsh conditions and never miss a chance to celebrate life- the beautiful gift of God.

Hall of Fame Leh Ladakh

On your Leh Ladakh sightseeing tour, you must visit the Ladakh Hall of Fame, a museum built by the Indian Army for its martyrs. This is a museum that has been built by the Indian Army for its martyrs. It has memories of martyrs of the Siachen and Kargil wars.

It also includes biographies of defense officers, important photographs, and a wide range of weapons. It tells you about the tools, equipment, and documents of the lifestyle used by the natives of Ladakh.

Stoke Palace

Stoke Palace is one of the best places to visit in Leh-Ladakh, located close to the Indus River. This palace was built by Raja Tsepal Tondup Namgyal in 1825 AD. This charming palace is famous for its architecture, design, beautiful gardens, and amazing scenery. Along with this, this palace will also see the royal dress, crown, and other royal items. People can easily reach Stoke Palace via jeeps and taxis.

Zanskar Valley

The Zanskar Valley of Ladakh is one of the favorite places for adventure lovers. It is also called the Adventure Hotspot here. Located about 105 km from Ladakh and very beautiful is the Zanskar Valley.

The Zanskar Valley, which gives the feeling of paradise, is adorned with snow-capped mountains and clean rivers. Known by local names like ‘Zahra or Zangskar’, the Zanskar Valley is a part of The Tethys Himalaya. Zanskar Valley is situated at an altitude of about 13,154 above sea level.

If we talk about this place, then it is spread over about five thousand square kilometers. This valley, covered with high snowy mountains, is famous for its beauty, the one who visits here once leaves his heart there. This valley attracts more people who like to do ‘trekking’ and ‘river rafting. The Zanskar Valley warmly welcomes tourists who love adventure.


You must have probably heard the name of Malana Village of Himachal. If you have not heard, then let us tell you that Malana is the last village on the Indian border. The same is the case with Turtuk. Turtuk is the last village on the border of India in Ladakh. Turtuk is similar to Lakshman Rekha of India.

This village, situated at a distance of 12 km from the border of Pakistan, is known because of the people here. According to the Puranas, the people here were very beautiful.

The people here are as beautiful as they look, their mind is more beautiful than that. Turtuk is situated in the Balti region of Ladakh. Most Balti comes from Pakistan. This place is also famous all over the world for its special kind of apricot.

Pangong Lake

Blue Pangong Lake is a famous lake located near Leh-Ladakh in the Himalayas, which is 12 km long. and extends from India to Tibet. The lake is at an altitude of about 43,000 meters, due to which its temperature ranges from -5 °C to 10 °C, despite its salinity, it completely freezes during the winter season.

This lake is also known as Pangong Tso. And it has been a major tourist destination of Leh Ladakh for a long time. This lake has gained a lot of popularity due to Leh being a beautiful place in Ladakh and being a hot spot for the shooting of many films. Pangong Lake is a major tourist destination of Leh-Ladakh due to its natural beauty, crystal water, and gentle hills.

Pangong Lake
Pangong Lake

Pangong Tso Lake is located in the Changthang region of Ladakh. It is one of the sacred, serene, and beautiful high-altitude lakes in India. In fact, it is the highest altitude lake in the Indian region.

This beautiful blue palette lake is about 7 kilometers wide and 19 kilometers long. It is a part of the Wetland Reserve under the Ramsar Site and is actually known as the Tso-Moriri Wetland Conservation Reserve. It has a large number of flora and fauna.

Chadar trek

How do you feel about walking on a frozen lake? Chadar Trek is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Ladakh, as the Zanskar river in Leh Ladakh freezes in a blanket of snow in winter. When you trek on it, you can see the change of colors of this frozen river.

The light blue color changes to pale yellow when the sun shines directly on it for a few hours a day. It looks completely white on a moonlit night. Chadar Trek Yatra is said to be one of the most adventurous and difficult trek journeys.

Phugtal Monastery

Phuktal or Phugtal Monastery is a separate monastery located in the southern and eastern parts of the Zanskar region in Ladakh. It is the site of the preachers and scholars who lived here in ancient times. This place was a place to meditate, teach, learn and enjoy. Phuk means “cave” in the Jhukri dialect, and tal means “rest”.

This 2250-year-old monastery is the only one that can be reached on foot. Phugtal Monastery is one of the major tourist places in Ladakh and a very special place for trekking lovers. If you are going to visit Leh Ladakh. So do not forget to visit this tourist place. Here every day prayers are offered by the people in the temple for good life and works. The festivals here are celebrated with great enthusiasm and entertainment.


Panamik is the most liked place in Nubra Valley. If you are going to Panamik via Diskit, you have to cover 55 km from there. The most special thing about Panamik which sets it apart from others is the sulfur springs found here. The waterfalls here are purely medicinal. If you are having trouble because of the altitude, then these waterfalls will prove to be effective for relieving your fatigue.

The distance of Siachen Glacier is not much from here. A few kilometers before the glacier, a hot spring is found, which is a miracle of nature in itself. Panamik is the last place in the Nubra Valley as far as people are allowed to go. Only the Indian Army can go ahead with it, so don’t try to go ahead.

Nubra Valley

Nestled in the beautiful mountains of Ladakh, Nubra Valley is the most beautiful place here. Nubra means “Valley of Flowers”, hence it is also known as the Garden of Ladakh.

Maitreya Buddha, the big buddha high 33 metre near the Diskit monastery in Nubra Valley, Ladakh India.
Maitreya Buddha, the big buddha high 33 metre near the Diskit monastery in Nubra Valley, Ladakh India.

High and colorful mountains, glaciers, and rivers all around work to add to the beauty of this place. Nubra Valley is famous for camel rides. This place of Leh-Ladakh is worth the money. Which will make your trip memorable and wonderful.


Rumtse is a small populated place falling on the Leh-Manali Highway. Being small, people are often deceived in identifying and finding this place. The distance between Rumtse village from Moriri Lake is about 165 km. To reach the lake, you have to do a long trek of 9 days. Apart from this, there is no other way to reach here.

A green field is visible around the lake. It would not be wrong to say that you will get to see the greenery in the whole of Ladakh here. Most of Ladakh is barren. Therefore, special attention is also paid to soil conservation here. And special care is taken that the mountains should not be harmed.

Leh Palace

Leh Palace also known as ‘Lachen Palkhar’ is a historical place in Leh Ladakh. and is one of the historically rich estates of the country. This imposing and attractive structure was built in the 17th century by King Sengge Namgyal as a royal palace. And the king and his entire family lived in this mansion. Leh Palace is one of the tallest buildings of its time, having nine storeys. It is one of the best places to visit in Ladakh.


Changthang is called the Tibet of India. Every child of this village believes in Buddhism. This village is very close to the Chinese border. Some part of Changthang is in India and some are on the border of China. Due to being barren, you will not find trees and plants here far and wide.

You will not get to see greenery here like Roomtse. Situated at an altitude of 15,400 feet, this place is a bit colder than the rest of Ladakh. Because of this, warm clothes are needed here even in summer.

In Changthang you will get to see Changpa Banjare i.e. Changpa Nomads. These people take great care of their environment. There is also the Changthang Wildlife Sanctuary here.

In which animals like Wolves, Snow Leopard, and Reindeer (Wolf, Snow Leopard, Reindeer) will be seen. The most famous Pangong Lake of Ladakh is in Changthang itself. If you have come to Changthang. So you would know that the climax scene of 3 Idiots was shot at this place. After that movie, this place has become very famous.


Located about 40 km from Leh, Hamis comes in the Kharu tehsil of Ladakh. It is believed that Lord Jesus Christ had spent some years of his life here. Perhaps that is why Christianity is also considered enough here. There is also a famous monastery here, Namgyal Monastery.

This monastery is very beautiful to see. Not only this, Humis also has the second largest national park in India. Humis National Park, created in 1981, is the second largest national park after the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve.

The major tourist and sightseeing places in Leh city include the Hemis Monastery, which dates back to the 11th century and was re-established in 1672. This is a Tibetan monastery. Which is the richest, and the largest in Ladakh. Hemis Monastery is located at a distance of 45 km from Leh city, which opens every 12 years.

Hemis Math hosts an annual festival held in honor of Lord Padmasambhava every year. It is one of the most fascinating festivals in the world. Let us tell you that Hemis is also home to the endangered species “Show Leopard”, which is found in the Hemis National Park located here.

Shanti Stupa

This spit was built by Japanese Buddhist monk Yomyo Nakamura. This white dome stupa is very famous for people having religious faith. The surrounding environment here looks very beautiful.

This place is situated at an altitude of 4267 meters above sea level. You have to climb about 500 steps to reach here. The view here captivates the tourists who come here.

Shanti Stupa
Shanti Stupa

Leh Bazar

This market is located right in the heart of the city where you can shop for many famous things in Ladakh with your family and friends. This market is one of the most prominent markets of Leh Ladakh. This market is quite famous for custom-made pashmina shawls.

Along with shopping, you will also find many types of local food here, whose taste you can take away from here.

Gurdwara Pathar Sahib

Gurdwara Sahib was built in 1517 in the memory of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. This Gurdwara Sahib is situated at a distance of 20 km from Leh. This place is very famous for people having religious faith. The road beyond this Gurdwara Sahib is a bit inaccessible

Therefore, people going beyond this consider it auspicious to have darshan here. This religious place is an immovable rock. If you have religious faith then you must visit here during your Ladakh trip.

Tso Moriri Lake

This lake is located inside the Changtang Wildlife Sanctuary. Actually, this lake is the twin lake of Peng Lake. This lake is about 100 feet deep. You will not find a lot of crowds here. This lake attracts tourists due to its serene environment and beauty.

Falling from the hills all around, this lake attracts a lot of tourists due to its natural beauty. Here you can spend some relaxing time with your family in the lush green surroundings.


Kargil was the center of a war between India and Pakistan in 1999, Kargil is famous all over India. This place is located near the Kashmir Valley. Here you will get to see many natural valleys.

Due to its natural beauty, this place attracts tourists coming here. This place is very famous for nature lovers.

Tso Kar lake

Tso Kar Lake is one of the major tourist places in Ladakh. The atmosphere here on this lake is very calm. Thousands of tourists come every year to see this lake, popularly known as Safed Lake. This lake is a very beautiful lake located in the natural valley of Ladakh.

Here you will get to see many types of birds. If you are going to visit Ladakh then you must definitely include this lake in your list.


One of the major tourist destinations in Ladakh, this place attracts tourists due to its two-humped camel. Here you can enjoy a two-humped camel ride, whose fee is 200 rupees. Apart from this, you can also ride ATV here.

Which is done on sand whose fee is 800 rupees. And here you can also enjoy entertainment like Archery, whose fee is 100 rupees for 4 shots. If you are traveling to Ladakh then you must include this place in your list.

leh ladakh ideal time to visit

The Perfect time to visit Leh Ladakh is from May last to September. The weather here is very pleasant at this time and the natural scenery here is worth seeing. It is a cold region, where if you go in the winter season

So due to the extreme cold, you may have to face some trouble. Leh Ladakh receives a maximum number of tourists from June to September.

Famous food of Leh Ladakh

Leh Ladakh is famous all over India for its natural beauty as well as its local cuisine. Momos, Mokthuk, Yak Cheese, Chhang, Khamhir, Butter Ki Chai, and Thukpa are some of the most famous local dishes of Leh Ladakh whose flavor you must definitely indulge in during your Leh Ladakh trip. Anyone who tastes the local cuisine here wants to eat it again and again.

How to reach Leh Ladakh

how to reach by road Leh Ladakh

If you want to travel to Leh Ladakh by road, then let us tell you that Leh Ladakh is a major tourist destination in India, it is very well connected by road to various states of India, so that you can take your car. One can also easily reach Leh Ladakh. Apart from this, you will get bus facilities from Manali and Sri Nagar, so that even if you want to go by bus, you can go comfortably.

how to reach by plane Leh Ladakh

If you want to travel to Leh Ladakh by plane, then this can be a good option for you. Leh airport is very well connected to Indian cities like Mumbai and Delhi.

With the help of which you can easily reach Leh by air travel. Here you will easily get taxi facilities outside the airport, with the help of which you can reach Ladakh.

how to reach by train Leh Ladakh

If you want to travel to Leh Ladakh by train, then for your information, let us tell you that there is no railway station in Leh Ladakh due to being a mountainous area. Still, if you want to go by train, then the closest to Leh Ladakh is the Jammu railway station.

Which is very well connected to major cities of India Mumbai Delhi, with the help of which you can reach Jammu and from here you can reach Leh Ladakh by taxi facility. The distance from Jammu railway station to Ladakh is 685 km.

Adventures in leh ladakh

Mountain biking

Ladakh is the most preferred destination for bikers. Biking on the steep slopes here attracts a lot of tourists. The Leh Manali route is best known for adventurous bikers. Bikers enjoy a lot in the natural valleys here.

If you are also fond of bikes then you must definitely enjoy biking here once. The best time for biking in Ladakh is from June to September, as biking here opens in the last of May and closes by the end of September.


When it comes to traveling in India, Ladakh tops every traveler’s list. Along with beautiful places, Ladakh is the best place for camping. The camping experience here is no less than an adventure. Situated at an altitude of 11,500 feet above sea level, Ladakh offers you clean air and a serene environment away from polluted cities. If you are going to Ladakh, do not miss camping at some of the best places here.

Camping Leh Ladakh
Camping Leh Ladakh

Jeep Safari In Ladakh

The Trans-Himalayan region of Ladakh is known for both Tough and Moderate areas. The area and beauty of this place are really astonishing. Traveling in Ladakh by road and crossing high-altitude mountain passes, overlooking the beautiful lakes, the best way to understand this historical region can be a jeep safari.

One of the most famous jeep safari experiences, the experience of reaching this place via Manali is different. You can reach it here from Leh-Manali Highway. Amazing mountain passes, incomparable views, and stunning scenery will be in your eyes. This road trip to India will make you feel the ultimate thrill.

Let Ladakh’s most popular tourist attractions enjoyed with Jeep safari include Tso Moriri Lake, Dah Hanu, Pangong Tso Lake, and Nubra Valley. For the ultimate experience, don’t miss Khardungla Pass which is said to be the highest motorable road in the world.

Camel Safari In Ladakh

Don’t be surprised to see the Camel Safari in Ladakh. This is one of the best activities to do in Ladakh for a lifetime experience. The sand dunes in Hunder in the Nubra Valley are like a “desert covered in clouds”.

Camel Safari in Ladakh
Camel Safari in Ladakh

In Hunder, you can ride the double-humped Bactrian camel, which was once an integral part of this ancient trade route. Apart from this, you can also visit the charming villages of Nubra. Here you can see many Buddhist monasteries as well as a sulfur spring of hot water.

Nubra Valley is one of the famous places in Ladakh. It will take you from green apricot fields to a dry area with snow-capped peaks. Through Camel Safari in Leh Ladakh, you can explore the panoramic view of villages, valleys, and Buddhist gompas.

Trekking in Ladakh

For people who are looking for a trekking and thrill-filled adventure, Ladakh can be a paradise for them. There are many such trekking spots in Ladakh, due to which trekking lovers from all over the world are drawn here. Trekking means exploring nature in its true form and doing so in Ladakh is an amazing experience.

Some popular treks in Ladakh are Lumayuru to Darcha trek, Ripchar Valley trek, Padum to Darcha trek, Lamayuru to Alchi trek, Lamayuru Stok Kangri, Markha Valley trek etc.

Magnetic Hill

Located on the Leh – Kargil – Baltik national highway, the famous Magnetic Hill has the magnetic powers that every tourist visiting Leh Ladakh wants to see closely. The magnetic force here is such that it also pulls the car towards the climb, as soon as it comes to its radius.

Magnetic Hill ladakh
Magnetic Hill

Because of this belief, the Defense Forces avoid flying aircraft over this hill. However, there is no doubt that the visiting experience of this hill is different. Travelers must also include this place in the list of places to visit here.

River Rafting in Zanskar River

There are three major rivers in Ladakh where you can enjoy river rafting. Indus River in the Leh region, Zanskar River in Zanskar, and Shayok River in Nubra. These places offer you many rafting options.

Leh Ladakh Trip
Leh Ladakh Trip

The Zanskar River rafting trip starts with a flight over the Himalayan region, which takes you to the Trans-Himalayan region of Ladakh. River rafting between Padum and Nimo in the Zanskar Mountains is extremely difficult and exciting. It remains true only in white water.

Bike Ride to Tsomori Lake

For the tourists who are crazy about bike riding, nothing can be better than visiting Tsomoriri Lake. Bike riding up to Tsomoriri Lake is an opportunity that you will never forget for the rest of your life. On this journey, you will not only get to see the landscape here, but you will also be able to see the wildlife of the Ladakh region.

Tsomoriri Lake is one of the famous lakes of Leh Ladakh. It will make you feel at peace amidst the lofty mountains. In the lake, you can see the blue sky and the mountains spread all around. The ambiance of this place is very romantic, which will make a perfect day out with your partner. You can enjoy hours of its serenity at the campsite by the lake.

leh ladakh tour places
leh ladakh tour places


The elevation of Ladakh is a big attraction for mountaineers. The height of the mountain peaks varies between 15000 ft and 21000 ft. One such area that attracts a lot of attention from climbers is the Nun-Kun Massif located in the great Himalayan region. This place is situated near the popular Stok Kangri trek route.

There are some mountain peaks in Ladakh, for which climbers need to take special permission from the Government of India. The best time to witness the beauty of the mountains is from the month of June to September.

Ice-Hockey in Ladakh

Ice hockey is one of the most popular sports in Ladakh, but most rural children do not get a chance due to a lack of skates and equipment. Unlike Canada, in Ladakh, ice hockey is played on open natural ice. The cool breeze caresses your face and fills your blood with passion.

In the middle of the winter months from mid-November to mid-January. Hockey in Ladakh, also known as pond hockey, is a way of life during the long winters in Ladakh. Ladakh is emerging as a destination for winter sports lovers.

Paragliding in Ladakh

If you love the skies and wish to go and chat with them, then paragliding in Ladakh can be the best thing for you.
The view you will see while going upwards is amazing. The snow-capped peaks, azure blue waters, and the rugged views of Ladakh look very beautiful from the height of the sky.

Horse Polo in Ladakh

The Ladakh Festival is organized during the month of September. Such a festival is rarely organized anywhere else. The entire region of Ladakh is awash with prayer flags, symbols, and adornments, presenting an exciting mix of Buddhist and Muslim cultures.

During this time, the plains and valley tremble with the sound of footsteps of well-mannered horses during horse polo tournaments. This scene itself creates energy in a tired mind and body.

Skiing in Ladakh

One of the most fun activities in Leh Ladakh is skiing. Due to the snow-capped peaks and high slopes, the environment is always favorable for them. The skies remain clear in the Ladakh region and that is why the experience of skiing in the Khardung La range makes you excited.

This game is like a craze. Ladakh hosts several annual skiing competitions, in which many professionals take part. During the months of December to March, Ladakh is covered in a blanket of snow.

Heli-Skiing in Ladakh

Skiing is a passion and a favorite of adventure enthusiasts. India is extremely fortunate as it has high-altitude areas in the north. Heli skiers can enjoy an excellent adventure in the Himalayas.

When you fall at an altitude of about 17,000 feet above sea level, the skiing experience is just as spectacular. This game is very much liked in the Zanskar Himalayan range after the winter activity in Ladakh. To fully enjoy heli-skiing, you must be in excellent physical shape and be ready to take on the skiing challenges.

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