Pahalgam Valley the land of shepherds

Pahalgam Valley Kashmir

Pahalgam is a highly regarded tourist destination located in the Anantnag district of the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The history of this village takes us back to the medieval period, during the reign of the Mughals, it was known as a shepherd’s village.

Pahalgam is one of the major tourist places of Kashmir. Its altitude is 2130 meters above sea level. The hill station of Pahalgam is full of natural beauty. Here there are tall trees of cedar and pine, on which snow remains frozen for most of the time. The place is special for adventure and trekking.

The culture of Pahalgam is a beautiful blend of Mughal and Kashmiri cultures, which is evident in the local cuisine, handicrafts, folk dances and festivals. Pahalgam is a place where the annual Amarnath Yatra begins, which attracts Hindus from all over the country.

Dedicated to Lord Shiva, Amarnath Cave is just 28 km away from Pahalgam. Like other Kashmiri towns, Pahalgam is known for its colorful handicrafts, woolen clothes, shawls, lavish carpets, etc.

Pahalgam is a great place to enjoy authentic Kashmiri cuisine, but you can also find other Indian dishes at the restaurant. Kashmiri food includes dishes like Dum Aloo, Rogan Josh, Wazwan etc.

A particular type of green tea is popular in Pahalgam, which includes cinnamon, saffron varieties, cardamom, walnuts and almonds. The city is popular for Kashmiri folk music and ghazals. There are various cultural events in the city.

The most widely spoken language in Pahalgam is Kashmiri, which has been used for official purposes. Tourism here has enabled many people to speak and understand English and Hindi languages.

Pahalgam is known for its beautiful valley and mountains. The people of Pahalgam warmly welcome every visiting visitor. The people here believe in living a simple and straightforward life. The main source of the people of Pahalgam depends on the tourists.

Youth must come to Pahalgam if they like to do adventure. There is a unique fun of trekking in the snow-capped mountains. Trekking enthusiasts from all over the world will be seen having fun here during the summer season.

Horse riding is another adventure game of Pahalgam where people enjoy horse racing by betting among themselves. Apart from this, the hobby of golf and fishing is also in full swing in Pahalgam. There is a proper lawn for playing golf, where part time programs for teaching golf are also run.

Sightseen Places in Pahalgam Valley

Snow Festival Pahalgam

Snow Festival is a famous festival celebrated in Pahalgam in winters. The Snow Festival is organized in Pahalgam by the Indian Army along with the owners of hotels and restaurants in Pahalgam. It is a two day festival. During the Snow Festival Pahalgam, there is an opportunity to do snow scooter and skiing. During the Snow Festival Pahalgam, a sports competition takes place

Snow cycling is an adventurous sport full of excitement and danger. This year, the Department of Tourism added a baseball game to the snow festival. The game was played on ice for the first time in the history of the world.

The weather of Pahalgam is good throughout the year, due to which tourists can come here anytime of the year. If tourists come here in the month of June to April, then they will find the weather pleasant here. On the other hand, if the visiting tourists are willing to see snowfall, then the time between November and February is perfect for such people.

If we talk about the best time to visit Pahalgam, then July and August are the right time to visit here as well as thousands of pilgrims can be seen traveling to the Amarnath Valley during this time.

The long stretches of rivers in Pahalgam are ideal places for tourists to enjoy trout fishing. The Lidar River here is one of the most famous rivers among travelers.

Sheshnag Lake

One of the beautiful lakes of Pahalgam is Sheshnig Lake. The water of this lake is blue-green. The distance of this lake from Pahalgam is about 32 kilometers. The water of Sheshnag Lake, emerging from the mountain ranges of the Himalayas, is pure and clear.

Mamleshwar Temple

Mamleshwar Temple is one of the ancient temples of Pahalgam. According to historians, this temple is related to the 12th century. This temple is located in Mamal village, which is about 1 kilometer away from Pahalgam. this temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Aru Valley

The beautiful Aru Valley of Pahalgam attracts tourists to its side. Surrounded by dense forests, Aru Valley is best for trekking and horse riding. Apart from this, tourists also do campaigning here.

Tulian lake

Tulian Lake is covered with snow. It looks even more beautiful due to the white snow cover. There are beautiful green flowers near this lake.

The beauty of Tulian Lake can never be described in words. This lake is covered with ice. This lake covered with a sheet of white snow will make you go crazy. If you want to have moments of peace, then definitely visit here. The distance of this lake from Pahalgam is about 15 kilometers.


Chandanwari is the starting point of Amarnath Yatra. Its distance from Pahalgam is about 15 kilometers. Tourists visiting Pahalgam definitely visit Chandanwari.

Betaab valley

The Betaab valley filled with natural beauty has been named after the Bollywood film ‘Betaab’. Bollywood actors Sunny Deol and Amrita Singh’s film Betaab was shot in Pahalgaon. After this this valley was named Betaab Valley after the name of the film.This valley has pine and pine trees, snow-capped mountains and beautiful rivers. The distance of Betab Valley from Pahalgam is 15 kms.

Betaab valley filled with natural beauty has its own special view. Every year many tourists come to get lost in the beautiful scenery of this valley. This valley has pine and pine trees, snow-capped mountains and beautiful rivers. Betaab valley is at a distance of 15 kilometers from Pahalgam.

How To Reach Pahalgam Valley in Kashmir

There is no direct train or flight available to reach Pahalgam. Katra Railway Station Pahalgam is the nearest railway station, situated at a distance of some 283 km. The nearest airport to Pahalgam is Srinagar Airport which is located at a distance of 91.9 km.

Regular bus services are available from Pahalgam city. Whether it is day or night time, you will easily get bus for Pahalgam route. Apart from this, you can also reach Pahalgam with the help of shared taxi or cab.

pahalgam valley
Pahalgam Valley

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