Shimla City and Nearby Tourist Places


Shimla, the capital of Himachal, is famous not only in the country but in the whole world for one of the best tourism. To see its beauty, not only the people of their country get to see here, but many tourists from abroad also come here to enjoy the high mountains.

The colonial style buildings along with the historic temple of Shimla enchant the tourists coming from all over the world with their charm.

Situated at an altitude of 2202 meters above sea level, this place is also known as ‘Summer Refuge’ and ‘Queen of Hill Stations’. The present Shimla district was created in 1972. The name of this place is derived from ‘Shyamala’, another name of ‘Maa Kali’.

After Bhimsen Thapa of Nepal, the British had occupied this area according to the Sugauli Treaty. In 1863, the Viceroy of India, John Lawrence, made Shimla his summer capital during the British Raj. After independence, this place was also the capital of Punjab for some time. Later Shimla was made the capital of Himachal Pradesh.

Shimla is famous for the largest ice skating rink in India. During winter, the land is covered with natural snow and this is the time (December to January) when skating is fully enjoyed.

Trekking is also very popular here. Places like Junga, Chail, Churdar, Shali Peak, Hatu Peak and Kullu are connected to Shimla by various routes. Tourists can explore Naldehra and Salogra by mountain biking from their destination. Rivers like Beas, Ravi, Chenab and Jhelum provide rafting opportunities to tourists.

It is a beautiful city surrounded by snowy valleys and mountain ranges on all sides. Shimla is situated on the top of seven hills.

Although Shimla gradually developed, it spread in other directions, but it started from these seven hills – Prospect Hill, Observatory Hill, Inverm Hill, Summer Hill, Jakhoo Hill, Elysium Hill and Bantony Hill. Jakhu Hill is the highest peak with a famous Hanuman temple.

This picturesque hilly region attracts various tourists. Tourists can enjoy breathtaking views of this mountain range from a sprawling open area ridge that links Lakkar Bazaar and Scandal Point.

Jakhu Temple is dedicated to Lord ‘Hanuman’ which is situated at an altitude of 8048 meters above sea level. Colonel J.T. The beautiful Christ Church, designed by Boileau, is adorned with stained glass overlooking the ridge.

The Dorje Drak Monastery belongs to the Nyingma tradition which displays Tibetan Buddhist culture. On the other hand, dedicated to Goddess Kali Devi, there is Kali Bari Temple which is thronged by devotees throughout the year. Hindu festivals like Diwali, Navratri and Durga Puja are celebrated in this temple with full pomp and gaiety.

Devotees can also visit Sankatmochan Temple situated at an altitude of 1975 meters above sea level. This temple is dedicated to Lord Hanuman and was constructed in the year 1966. Different deities have been replaced in different premises of the temple.

Diverse Tourist Attractions The aviary of the Himalayas provides an opportunity to see various species of birds including the state bird ‘Monal’.

The Glen which is an ideal picnic spot is located at a distance of 4 km from the Ridge. It is an idyllic place with a picturesque stream and greenery. Tourists can also go for a picnic in Annandale. During the British rule in this open area, racing, polo and cricket were played.

The historic toy train journey was started in 1903 by Lord Curzon. This journey provides an opportunity to cover a distance of 96 kms passing through beautiful valleys and mountains. ‘Solan’ Madh Nirman Shala, Darlaghat, Scandal Point, Kamna Devi Temple, Jakhu Hill and Gorkha Gate are the popular tourist attractions of this place.

The Himachal State Museum and Library displays micro and miniature Pahari paintings and books, Mughal, Rajasthani and contemporary paintings. Various bronze artifacts, photographs, stamp collections, anthropological items can also be found here.

Shimla offers some special shopping opportunities to its visitors. Shopping areas such as the Mall, Lower Bazaar and Lakkar Bazaar are famous for unique wooden crafts and souvenirs.

Many people ask the question after hearing the Hindi name of capsicum is SHIMLA MIRCH, why are they called Shimla Mirch, so let us tell you, Shimla Mirch ( capsicum ) was brought to India by the British rulers long ago, Which they had decided to grow this vegetable on a large scale in the hilly area of ​​Shimla. Thus it was named capsicum.

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How to Reach Shimla

By Air –
This city is connected to all the major cities of the country. Shimla airport is built in Jabarhatti. Apart from this, Chandigarh and Delhi are its nearest airports.

By train –
Shimla has a big station at Kalka, which connects all the major stations. The train runs on Kalka to Shimla short line. This is called a children’s train, which is also famous everywhere.

By road –
Shimla is 350 kms from Delhi and 118 kms from Chandigarh. Private and government buses, and taxis are easily available on this route.

Best Time To Visit Shimla

Although Shimla can be visited at any time of the year, every season has a different fun here. It is more pleasant in summer, there is severe heat in different places of the country, so this is the best place for a holiday. Snowfall can be enjoyed here amidst the harsh winter in the cold. Whereas in the rain, this hill station covers a sheet of greenery.

Tourist Places To Visit In Shimla

Situated in the lap of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla is known for its beauty and many wonderful views of nature. At the same time, there are many such places to visit, which will make every tourist’s heart happy.

In such a situation, if you are planning to visit Shimla for the first time, then we are going to tell you about some places. Where you can go and make your trip memorable and spectacular. So let’s know about these places.

Jakhu Temple

The distance of Jakhu Temple from Shimla is around two kilometers. People from far and wide come to see Hanuman ji in this ancient temple.

Situated on the Jakhu hill, the 108 feet high statue of Lord Hanuman is the tallest statue in the world at a height of 8,500 feet above sea level. The statue was inaugurated by Abhishek Bachchan on November 5, 2010. The statue has surpassed the record for being the world’s tallest statue of the famous Christ – the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, which stands at 98 feet tall.

Here the tall statue of Lord Hanuman is also visible from Mall Road. While going to the temple, keep your purse, your glasses, mobile and essential items either in the car or carry it in a bag, because monkeys live here in large numbers.

jhakhu temple shimla
jakhoo temple shimla

Mall Road and Church (The Ridge)

The first place after reaching Shimla is Mall Road. By going here, you can visit The Ridge, which is located in the heart of Shimla. You can see many wonderful views of nature from here. Here you can shop on Mall Road, there are good restaurants, cafes, bars and restaurants etc. to eat. This place is also the best for photography.

The Ridge Shimla, located in the center of Shimla, is a large and open road located along the Mall Road. The Ridge is a place where you will get to see a lot. Here you will find spectacular views of the snow-capped mountain ranges, shops selling specialty artefacts.

shimla mall road
shimla mall road

Narkanda and Kalka-Shimla toy train

Don’t miss visiting Narkanda, which is located at a distance of about 60 kms from Shimla. But after covering this distance, the views you will get will surely blow your senses.

Snow all around and you in the middle. Apart from many adventures, you can also do camping here, the fare of which is about 1500 rupees per person. Apart from this, you can enjoy the toy train, which goes from Kalka to Shimla.

The train passes through many other tourist places passing through spectacular views of Summer Hill, Solan and many bridges and tunnels.

Summer hills

Mountains with greenery which will give you a very beautiful view, so that you will not be able to live without four eyes. From sunrise to sunset, the sight of every moment will captivate your soul.

Narrating their untold beauty, these serene mountains will stop the turmoil of your mind for a few moments. By coming here in the lap of nature, you will forget to fight with all the agony of your mind. Its immense beauty will beautify your day and you will be seen indulging in it somewhere.

The scandal point

Situated amidst the snow-capped mountains all around, this flat area is an attractive center of tourists. Those who love mountains will like this place very much. You will be able to sit here and watch the sun setting and you can also capture this scene in the camera and save it.

You can complete your trip by enjoying the beautiful view of the valley and you will not have to be disappointed even for a moment by coming here. How can anyone turn their face after seeing so much beauty together.

The Shimla State Museum

Carved from British architecture, this museum is a symbol of Shimla’s ancient civilization and culture. It is also popular among the people from the educational point of view.

The artistry present here like paintings, sculptures and handicrafts inspire people to know more about the culture here. All these things have been preserved for centuries so that future generations can know the history of the state very well. There is also a library for bookworms where you can sit comfortably and enhance your knowledge.

Chadwick Falls

The origin of this name is from “Chidku Jhar” in which Chidku means – Sparrow and Jhar means – Waterfall. Local people say that only sparrows can reach such a high waterfall, hence its name. Dotted with very dense deodar trees, this waterfall attracts a lot of travelers.

People come here to make their journey exciting. This waterfall falls from a height of about 100 meters. When clean and pure water falling from the mountains falls on the stones, it seems as if it will cut the stones with its sharp flow.

Christ Church

Known for its amazing architecture, this church is the second oldest church in North India. If you want to spend some time alone and in peace, then there can be no better place than this.

This is a great opportunity to be absorbed in your righteousness. Its serene atmosphere compels tourists to come here. People have included it in their choice in Shimla sightseeing.

shimla mall road church
shimla mall road church

Himalayan Bird Park

This place is best suited for those who love birds. Here you will get the opportunity to see familiar and some unseen birds. The chirping of birds everywhere will remind you of the dawn like birds chirping every morning.

In the greenery environment, you will see some birds on the branches of trees and some talking among themselves and some spending time with their children. You will be mesmerized by coming here. You will also get to see the local bird of Himachal Pradesh and Himalayan Monal here.


Kufri is a place located at a distance of 17 km from Shimla Hills station which attracts a lot of tourists coming here. Located at an altitude of 2510 meters and at the foothills of the Himalayas, this hill station is very much liked by nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts.

Travelers near Shimla are mainly popular for thrilling activities like hiking, trekking etc. People come here to thrill their journey. You will also get a chance to see the snowfall of Shimla. This place is also famous for natural gardens and picnic spots.

The best time to visit here is from April to June and from December to February so that you can enjoy skiing during snowfall.

Lakkar Bazaar

This market is famous for wooden items. If you have come to Shimla and want to take some local items with you as a memory, then from here you can take anything of your choice. Taking wooden toys for kids is also a good option. You can come here to taste the local food.

Kiala Forest

This place is a center of attraction among wildlife lovers and nature lovers. Dense and green forest where you will also see some animals roaming around. Situated near the Kothkai Valley of Shimla, this forest is very famous not only by the local people but also by the people of the outskirts. There are some beautiful resorts here where you can stay and you will also get a beautiful view from here.

solan shimla

Famous for its mushroom production and tomato production, Solan is known as the Mushroom City of India and the City of Red Gold. Solan is a city which is very much liked by the tourists who come here.

The credit for the development of Sonal goes to the British, because it was the British government who did the initial economic development of this place.

The most special thing about this place is that it has a good temperature throughout the year, the attractive and natural scenery here will amaze you every time.

Arki Fort Shimla

Arki Fort was built in 1660 AD and is an amalgamation of both Rajput and Mughal architecture. If you are a history lover then this place can prove to be very special for you.

The fort is known for the Kangra paintings that adorn the fort. The paintings made in this fort are expected to be about 200 years old, but even today it looks equally beautiful. If you have come to visit Shimla and are a history lover, then definitely include this fort in your list.

Naldehra Shimla

Located at an altitude of 2044 meters above sea level, Naldehra is a very beautiful hill station near Shimla. Lord Curzon had established a golf course here.

The dense deodar trees and the magnificent greenery here make the atmosphere of this place very attractive. This is a great place to see the snow-capped Himalaya Mountains. The atmosphere of this place is so calm that you will hear the sound of the winds blowing here.

If you want to cover this area you can ride a horse. If you go to Naldehra then you will find it very attractive to watch the sunrise and sunset here. Simply put, if you are looking for a relaxing place then this is the perfect hit station for you.

Dara Valley Sanctuary Shimla

Located at a distance of 150 km from Shimla, the Dara Ghati Sanctuary which is spread over 167.40 km is one of the most important attractions for the people visiting Shimla.

The sanctuary is located in the upper reaches of Shimla which was in the past a hunting ground for the Rampur Bushahr royal family. Today this place is rich in wildlife which was notified as a sanctuary in the year 1962.


Tattapani village situated on the banks of river Sutlej is situated at a distance of 45 km from Shimla city. It is situated at an altitude of 2300 meters above sea level, the source of magical water in this village is famous throughout the country.

Due to which many types of diseases are also treated. This water is very beneficial in pain, fatigue, stress relief, and poor blood circulation, skin diseases. On the banks of the Sutlej, the experience of cycling is the most different.

Tara Devi Temple

A village named Shoghi which is situated at a distance of 13 km from Shimla, the capital of Himachal. The Tara Devi temple located here has great importance in Hinduism and Buddhism.

In Hindus it is considered as the ninth form of Goddess Durga. Apart from being a beautiful sight, it is believed that on coming here, epidemics like smallpox, plague, cholera and diseases like hoarseness, mouth disease, wart etc. in animals are also diagnosed.

Town Hall

Established as an urban body (municipal) building of Shimla, this building was formerly famous as Town Hall. It was built in 1910.

A large number of visitors come to see this historic building located on the Mall Road of the city. The town hall is being renovated as part of the Gaiety Theater project.

The government is going to give it an attractive look without any change in its original form with an expenditure of 8 crores. If you are on a trip to Shimla, then you must definitely visit this historical building.

Wild-flower hall

Situated at a distance of 13 km from Shimla city and 8 km from Mashobra, it is an important tourist destination of Shimla. The height of this place from the sea is 2500 meters.

It was the residence of Lord Kitchener during the British era. Presently it has been converted into a hotel. The sight of birds tweeting on pine and deodar trees around it is very attractive.

Famous local food to eat in Shimla

Lentils, broth, rice, vegetables and bread are easily available in Shimla. In comparison to other states, non-vegetarian food is preferred here. Red meat and wheat bread are special in the cuisine here. Aromatic spices rich gravy is used a lot here.

These offbeat places are present near Shimla


Naldehra is known for breathtaking views and spectacular golf courses. This place is full of deodar forests and lush green mountains, which nature lovers will love.

If you are looking for a place in Himachal to relax and have fun during your vacations, then Naldehra can be the way to go. Don’t miss visiting the Naldehra Golf Course, the Sutlej River at this place and the Lord’s darshan at the Mahunag Temple.


Chog, located next to Kufri, is a beautiful place in Himachal Pradesh. Surrounded by apple orchards and lush green mountains, you will love this small village near Shimla.

Pleasant weather in summer and snowfall in winter make it a beautiful place. In Chog, you can go for picnics, hiking and can also go horse riding for the view of the surroundings.


This small village is situated at the T-point for two destinations – Kinnaur and Rohru Valley roads. Located at a distance of 30 km from Shimla, this place is perfect to relax and get away from your busy life. This place is a heaven for hike lovers.


You can explore this beautiful village or climb the peaks for a breathtaking view. Kotkhai also has a lot for religious people as you can visit the temple here. While you are here, you must visit the famous tourist attractions like Navar Ghati, Giri Ganga, Kupar Peak and Hatkoti Temple.


Located at an altitude of 9000 feet, Narkanda is a popular place for skiing in winter. In addition, the city is surrounded by forests with beautiful apple orchards.

The most famous tourist attraction at this place is the lake and a temple situated near this lake. For adventure activities, Narkanda also has some trekking routes. The best trekking route is Hatu Nag because once you reach the top, you will be able to enjoy the natural beauty.

Where To Stay Near Shimla In Hindi

If you are going to Shimla to spend a relaxing holiday, then you can also take many good hotels from low budget to Himachal in Himachal. You can book hotels online and offline for your stay.