Vaishno Devi Room Booking

Book your stay at Katra easily through the Vaishno Devi Shrine Board’s online room booking. Choose from options such as Shakti Bhawan, Trikuta Bhawan, dormitories, hotels, and lodges. Explore nearby attractions such as Banganga, Nau Devi, Shivkhori, and Jammu.

Visit the temple during the best time from March to October, and book your travel options such as taxis, buses, or helicopter rides through the Shrine Board’s website or private operators.

The Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board provides decent, reasonably priced lodging for the advantage of the faithful. These lodgings can be available in Jammu (at Vaishnavi Dham, Kalika Dham, and Saraswati Dham near the Railway Station) and in Katra (at Niharika, Shakti Bhawan, and Ashirwad Bhawan located at the Bus Stand), as well as Trikuta Bhawan, a 700-bed accommodation option for Yatries located near the 2nd Yatra counter (YRC II) in Katra.

Yatries can access the Spiritual Growth Center, Katra, which is nearby Asia Chowk. (approximately 1 km from the Main Bus Stand in Katra). Yatries can also stay at Adkuwari, Sajichatt, and Bhawan.

A wide range of halls have been built at Adhkuwari, Sanjichhat, and Bhawan to make the journey for Yatries easier. Before continuing on their journey or while standing in line to see the Holy Goddess, pilgrims may rest here. The use of these halls is on a first-come, first-served premise, and visitors may stay the night there. There are restrooms available at these locations.

To assist pilgrims, Blanket Stores, Toilet Blocks, Bhojanalayas & Catering Units, and a Medical Aid Centre have been opened in the vicinity of these lodging units.

Free accommodations are also offered in the Katra Niharika complex during periods of heavy foot traffic. Additionally, sheds are offered as lodging close to the Yatra Parchi counter II (YRC-II), which is next to the New Bus Stand. (Bus Stand No. II). Along with accommodation, blankets are offered without charge.

You can register on our website, create a username and password, disable all links, and then reopen the website page to make an online reservation. Log in using your username and password, select “room booking,” fill out the form by choosing the place, date, etc., and submit it.

The payment method will be shown after the procedure is complete, and you can click on it. You can input your credit card number, expiration date, and CVV number (located on the back of your credit card) on the bank’s website by clicking the link. Your reservation will be complete and you can print a booking receipt if your bank takes your credit card. You can select yes if the message “Non-secure site” displays.

You can verify your reservation by logging in with your username and password, selecting Successful Transactions, and viewing all of the transactions that were successful. The booking receipt printout can then be obtained by selecting the print choice.

You can also verify with your bank if your reservation is listed as a failed transaction. Please send your transaction information, including the transaction date, trace number, order number, or username, to [email protected] if your money has been taken out.


  1. What is Vaishno Devi Room booking?

    Vaishno Devi Room booking is the process of reserving accommodation at the Bhawan or Katra, for pilgrims visiting the Vaishno Devi shrine in Jammu and Kashmir, India.

  2. What are the types of rooms available for booking?

    There are various types of rooms available for booking, such as single rooms, double rooms, triple rooms, and dormitories.

  3. How can I book a room at Vaishno Devi?

    You can book a room at Vaishno Devi through the official website of the Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board, by visiting the accommodation section and following the booking process.

  4. What is the booking procedure for Vaishno Devi rooms?

    The booking procedure for Vaishno Devi rooms involves registering on the official website, selecting the type of accommodation, filling in the necessary details, and making the payment.

  5. Can I book a room in advance for Vaishno Devi?

    Yes, you can book a room in advance for Vaishno Devi up to three months before the date of your visit.

  6. Is there any cancellation policy for Vaishno Devi Room booking?

    Yes, there is a cancellation policy for Vaishno Devi Room booking. If you cancel your booking before 15 days of your scheduled arrival date, you will get a full refund of the booking amount. However, if you cancel your booking within 15 days of your scheduled arrival date, you will be charged a cancellation fee.

  7. What are the documents required for Vaishno Devi Room booking?

    You need to provide a valid ID proof, such as a passport, driving license, PAN card, or voter ID, at the time of booking.

  8. What are the check-in and check-out timings for Vaishno Devi rooms?

    The check-in time for Vaishno Devi rooms is 2:00 PM, and the check-out time is 12:00 Noon.

  9. Can I modify my Vaishno Devi Room booking after confirmation?

    Yes, you can modify your Vaishno Devi Room booking after confirmation, subject to availability and the terms and conditions of the cancellation policy.

  10. Is it safe to stay at Vaishno Devi rooms?

    Yes, it is safe to stay at Vaishno Devi rooms, as they are managed by the Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board and follow strict safety and hygiene protocols.


The Vaishno Devi shrine in Jammu and Kashmir offers pilgrims a simple and convenient way to secure lodging: Vaishno Devi Room Booking. The Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board’s official website offers a straightforward online booking procedure for rooms.

There are many different kinds of rooms that can be reserved, and the check-in and check-out times are specified. A ticket may be changed despite the cancellation policy, provided that space is available and that the terms and conditions are met. As the Vaishno Devi rooms are run by the shrine board and adhere to strict safety and hygiene standards, it is safe to remain there.

Overall, Vaishno Devi Room booking provides pilgrims with a comfortable and secure accommodation option during their visit to the holy shrine.

vaishno devi room booking
vaishno devi room booking